Conversations are happening across the country to ensure safe, quality hearing assistance is available to those who need it. Check out the below to see what’s happening in California.

Did You Know?

More than 12% of California's population has some form of hearing loss. 


August 4, 2021. 

Attorney General Bonta Issues Consumer Alert on Hearing Aids Sold Online or Over-the-Counter.

“Healthcare costs can add up, which is why many of us seek out more affordable options that make sense for our families,” said Attorney General Bonta. “While hearing aids sold online or over-the-counter may appear to be more cost-effective than traditional hearing aids, they may not properly address your particular hearing loss needs or may be outright scams. As you explore your options, know your rights, beware of false claims, and exercise caution if you choose to purchase from an unlicensed seller.”