Division Avenue High

Listen Carefully Video Contest 2015 Finalist

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The video I created with my partner is about a kid listening to his music loudly and eventually he becomes def and now has to use sign language. The boy in the video who loses his hearing is myself Jesse Keller. At the end of the video you see myself using sign language to talk to the audience. I had to learn sign language on Google to make sure I don’t offend anyone and learn all the words that I needed to communicate to the audience correctly. My partner Gabe worked behind the camera for the whole video,he came up with the camera angles and the shot from inside the locker. He helped me come up with the overall story for the project. This project took about a week to film, and another week for myself to edit. With some help from my friend ricky as the boys friend, i think this project turned out great. ¬†Overall I had a lot of fun creating this video and hope to do more in the future. If you like this video please click that vote button to help us win this contest.