Listen Carefully Takes On TEDx Houston
19 Nov 2014

Listen Carefully Takes On TEDx Houston

19 Nov 2014

What happens when 300 high school and college students converge in Houston for a day of innovation and inspiration? TEDx.

This year’s theme was “A World Imagined,” and Listen Carefully was invited to share our message about hearing protection, the power of sound, and how to lower the volume in an increasingly louder world.

Start the behavior change for your generation. Listen Carefully.

1 in 6 Teens

Yuri Mamchur, Director of Growth Strategies for Starkey Hearing Foundation, took the stage for a brief but powerful talk. Here are a few lessons he shared.

  1. What can you accomplish in 10 seconds at a football game? To kick off the session, we screened one of our most popular PSAs. Watch it here if you haven’t already. Hearing loss can happen even when we’re cheering for our favorite teams!
  2. Teen hearing loss has increased 30 percent in the last decade. Noise-induced hearing loss is a new trend facing American teenagers. Why? We live in a loud world. And it’s only getting louder. The rapid development and availability of technology, including iPhones, iPods, and speakers, among other culprits, make it easier than ever to damage hearing while engaging in daily activities.
  3. Hearing loss is irreversible. But it is preventable. Even though noise-induced hearing loss is on the rise, there’s good news! Each of us has the ability to protect their hearing and prevent this issue from reaching epidemic levels.

As the talk came to a close, Listen Carefully asked the audience to imagine their future. What would it look like without hearing? It’s easy to take hearing for granted, but sound permeates our lives in a profound way, and connects us to everything and everyone we love.

Yuri, Carlos, and Nicole at TEDx Houston

Yuri, Carlos, and Nicole at TEDx Houston

To drive home the message, we sent the audience home with high fidelity hearing protection, and received word that they were already in use around the city of Houston!

What about you? If you lost your hearing tomorrow, what would you miss most? Let us know in the comments!

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