Listen Carefully Stands Up for Skate Parks
25 Sep 2014

Listen Carefully Stands Up for Skate Parks

25 Sep 2014

September was a hot month in Los Angeles. But we didn’t let a heat wave stop us from attending the Tony Hawk Foundation’s 11th Annual Stand Up for Skateparks event. Our Beverly Hills booth was festively decorated with brochures, stickers, bags, Frisbees, and a crowd favorite—blankets. It was impossible to miss the bright orange all over the lawn where people lingered listening to music all afternoon.

Did we mention the caricature artist? He amused guests with fun renderings to take home while some of our biggest supporters, Christopher and Kyle Massey, helped keep our booth lively and fun, passing out blankets and bags, sharing stories from their multiple Starkey hearing missions, and reinforcing the importance of hearing protection. And word got around. The hearing devices were so popular that we ran out before the day was over.

SHF-Team-and-Massey-Boyz SHF-Massey-Boys-at-Tony-Hawk

But we weren’t just there to give away free gifts. It was a highlight, for sure, but awareness was a big focus. That’s why we started the day with an empty banner and asked guests to fill it in throughout the afternoon.

It asked a simple question: If you lost your hearing, what would you miss?

While waiting to have their caricature drawn, guests were asked to write in the sound they would miss most if they lost their hearing. By the end of the day, the empty banner was transformed into a tribute to the power of hearing, and included sounds like ocean waves, the voice of loved ones, wind, and music.


Although the entire afternoon was fun and festive, it was also loud! Music played, skaters sped down the half pipe, and announcement blared from loud speakers. It was an ideal opportunity to spread the message of hearing prevention at an amazing event benefiting a wonderful cause.

Now it’s your turn. If you lost your hearing, what sound would you miss the most? Leave your answer in the comments!




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