Hear Our Heroes – Behind the Scenes
11 Nov 2014

Hear Our Heroes – Behind the Scenes

11 Nov 2014

Not all injuries bleed.

Today, more than 400,000 veterans of the Afghan and Iraqi wars suffer from an injury you can’t see: hearing loss.

In fact, the Department of Veterans Affairs reports that hearing damage is the most common injury to veterans since 9/11.

Honor Our HeroesTroops commonly return from deployment with diminished hearing, ringing in their ears, or both. It makes sense when you consider causes like roadside bombs, gunfire, and loud engines, but we didn’t realize how much of a threat this silent epidemic was to U.S. troops.

When we found out, we decided to help raise awareness and honor our veterans at the same time.

For Veterans Day, we filmed Hear Our Heroes, a series of stories and interviews giving soldiers a platform to share their experiences and discuss the hearing loss among military personnel.

You can watch the videos here.

Behind the Scenes at Listen Carefully

Veterans Day - Hear Our Heroes LC Team Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes at Listen CarefullyWhen we film videos, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. We needed producers, camera operators, editors, writers, graphic designers, and web developers, not to mention all the equipment!

The first day of filming was a busy day in the office. The LC crew spent the majority of the morning setting up the shoot, including the backdrop, cameras, and equipment.

Once the cameras were rolling, each veteran spoke for about one hour, answering questions and telling stories about their time in the service, and what it’s like to live with hearing damage.

We hope you enjoy learning more about these inspiring U.S. veterans!

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