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Meet the Listen Carefully Video Contest Third Place Winners!

Chloe Pepera and Billie Gajewski’s spent a month filming and editing their film “Don’t Miss Your Life,” and the hard work paid off because it came in third place in the Listen Carefully video contest!

Entering the contest was a natural fit for Chloe and Billie. “We love making and editing videos that have a meaningful purpose. This cause really caught our attention being that we both know someone who has dealt with the hardships of hearing loss.”

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Meet the Listen Carefully Video Contest 3rd Place Winner!

When Thomas Le attended a local concert in his hometown of Panama City, Florida, last fall, he had no idea that the footage he filmed would land him third place in Listen Carefully’s video contest!

His short video “Effects,” takes us front and center to one of the loudest places we can be: the concert venue. Through the process, Le learned statistics that helped alter his views on loud sounds and how they impact hearing, like how 1 in 6 teenagers has noise-induced hearing loss from loud sounds.

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Meet the Listen Carefully Video Contest 2nd Place Winners!

Let’s give a round of applause to Jenny Kim, Matthew Orgill, and Tyler Koski! These teens from Crean Lutheran High School in Irvine, California, won second place in the 2015 Listen Carefully Video Contest!

After winning another video contest last year, Kim was determined to find more opportunities. “Unlike other contests,” she said, “Starkey Hearing Foundation had a clear purpose and goal that we were inspired by and wanted to support.” Koski agreed: “Making a video that promotes teenagers to keep their hearing for a lifetime made the contest even more enticing.”

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Meet the Listen Carefully Video Contest Grand Prize Winners

Have you heard? We recently announced the winners of Listen Carefully’s 2015 Video Contest!

In total, more than 3,000 students from all 50 states participated, and after an exciting public vote winners were announced on February 11, 2015. Ken Nakama, Dan Lesser, and Joshua Maslaki from Woodbridge High School in Irvine, California took home the grand prize, and Grammy-nominated recording artist Aloe Blacc will perform a private concert at their school in the spring!

Their short film “Protect Your Ears” is a call to turn down the volume. The team worked for 22 hours to film, edit, and produce the video, and all their hard work paid off! To make the film relatable, they chose to film in their school’s computer lab, a modern space that would help communicate their message. Dan Lesser explained that the team’s hope was for teens to be “conscious of the volume of music they are listening to, and the irreversible consequences it holds.”

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