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4 Foods to Feed Your Ears

We all have common sense when it comes to hearing protection. Don’t sit next to the speakers at a wedding, for example. We’ve even taken steps to maintain a healthy relationship with our ears, but wearing earplugs, walking away from the sound source, and turning down the volume are only a few of the ways to protect your hearing.

Today, we’re sharing another great way to protect your hearing: food! We all know chips and salsa go together, but what about bananas and hearing protection? If it sounds like a strange pairing, stick with us, because the food you eat now can have a direct effect on the hearing you’ll have later.

If you don’t know where to start, that’s where Listen Carefully comes in! We did some research and put together a list of four foods to include in your meals that will help keep hearing loss from impacting your life in the future.

Let’s eat!

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Meet the Listen Carefully Video Contest 3rd Place Winner!

When Thomas Le attended a local concert in his hometown of Panama City, Florida, last fall, he had no idea that the footage he filmed would land him third place in Listen Carefully’s video contest!

His short video “Effects,” takes us front and center to one of the loudest places we can be: the concert venue. Through the process, Le learned statistics that helped alter his views on loud sounds and how they impact hearing, like how 1 in 6 teenagers has noise-induced hearing loss from loud sounds.

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Meet the Listen Carefully Video Contest 2nd Place Winners!

Let’s give a round of applause to Jenny Kim, Matthew Orgill, and Tyler Koski! These teens from Crean Lutheran High School in Irvine, California, won second place in the 2015 Listen Carefully Video Contest!

After winning another video contest last year, Kim was determined to find more opportunities. “Unlike other contests,” she said, “Starkey Hearing Foundation had a clear purpose and goal that we were inspired by and wanted to support.” Koski agreed: “Making a video that promotes teenagers to keep their hearing for a lifetime made the contest even more enticing.”

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Will Your Future Career Cause Hearing Loss?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This question is often asked to young adults at nauseam, and the majority of us don’t know the answer until much later in life. If you’re heading into your final years of high school or are finding your way in college, we’re willing to bet you’ve given this question some thought but that you haven’t taken your ears into account during the process.

We understand.

It’s hard enough trying to decide which professional path to pursue, never mind that you need to consider the long-term health of one of your five senses. That’s why we’re here to demystify the job market for you.

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8 Music Blogs You Should be Reading

Here at Listen Carefully, we’re big music fans. We listen at the gym, in the car, and even at work when we’re having a big brainstorming meeting (it helps us think!).

Music might be the soundtrack of our lives, but the landscape is vast. And let’s face it, we’re often too busy to notice the latest up and coming musicians, research the best festivals, or pull together a list of the coolest record stores in our hometown.

That’s why we let the experts point us in the right direction. Read on for eight music blogs we rely on for daily inspiration.

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Listen Carefully Takes On TEDx Houston

What happens when 300 high school and college students converge in Houston for a day of innovation and inspiration? TEDx.

This year’s theme was “A World Imagined,” and Listen Carefully was invited to share our message about hearing protection, the power of sound, and how to lower the volume in an increasingly louder world.

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How to Have a Healthy Relationship With Your Headphones

If we’re being honest, most of us are in a relationship with our headphones.

It’s easy to be attracted to both their form and function. Not only are they sleek and customizable, but headphones offer emotional comfort, protecting us safely in a cocoon of sound that makes us feel all is right in the world.

We’re also very, very attached to each other. Stop anyone on the street, and you’ll find headphones coiled in purses, waiting in cars, stuffed in pockets, or sitting next to our computers.

Headphones, we love you.

So how can something we adore be threatening our health? To answer this question, we should start at the beginning.

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