8 Music Blogs You Should be Reading
07 Jan 2015

8 Music Blogs You Should be Reading

07 Jan 2015

Here at Listen Carefully, we’re big music fans. We listen at the gym, in the car, and even at work when we’re having a big brainstorming meeting (it helps us think!).

Music might be the soundtrack of our lives, but the landscape is vast. And let’s face it, we’re often too busy to notice the latest up and coming musicians, research the best festivals, or pull together a list of the coolest record stores in our hometown.

That’s why we let the experts point us in the right direction. Read on for eight music blogs we rely on for daily inspiration.

8 Music Blogs You Should be Reading | Listen Carefully

1. Consequence of Sound (web/twitter)

Conseuqnce of Sound

This online publication has been offering up music news since 2007, and its enormous readership means COS is doing something right. You’ll find everything from interviews to reviews to concert news on this site.

2. Ditto Music (web/twitter)

Logo_Ditto Music

Ditto is a music distribution service, but the Ditto Blog features staff recommendations, featured artists, and helpful posts like how remixes can boost your music career, and how to make it in the new music industry.

3. Turntable Kitchen (web/twitter)

Turntable Kitchen

A husband and wife duo runs this innovative site pairing food and music. In addition to healthy recipes, you can listen to their curated music selections straight from the site, and sign up for their pairings box, a monthly subscription service delivering custom EPs, recipes, and unique ingredients right to your door.

4. Ears of the Beholder (web/twitter)

Logo_Ears of the Beholder 1

A San Francisco-based blogger started the site to highlight emerging artists, but over time it’s evolved to include event production, promotion, music curation, and DJing services.

5. Ride the Tempo (web/twitter)

Logo_Ride the Tempo

Head north to Canada for this music blog started in 2010. In addition to sharing new and emerging artists, Ride the Tempo covers local festivals and concerts (national and international) to promote the music scene in North America.

6. SlyVinyl (web/twitter)

Logo_Sly Vinyl

We like the sound of Sly Vinyl, your self proclaimed “record informant.” This site gives you the inside scoop on pre-order, limited, special edition, and small run records and vinyl.

7. We Listen For You (web/twitter)

Logo_We Listen For You

We Listen For You is a music blog with the goal of “supporting artists, labels, and the continuation of buying physical music.” Its small staff encourages community discussion on its social media platforms, and offers insightful commentary on topics like music blogging, tracks to make you happy, and the best music festivals you might not know about.

8. Rolling Stone (web/twitter)

Logo_RollingStoneWe couldn’t leave out one of the most iconic music magazines of all time, could we? Even if you don’t subscribe to the magazine, their digital content is constantly being updated with music news, videos, and reviews.

 Did we leave one out? Let us know your favorite music blogs in the comments!

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