5 Careers In Hearing
05 Aug 2016

5 Careers In Hearing

05 Aug 2016

“What are you going to study in college?”

 “What’s your major?” 

“What are you going to do after college?”

We’re sure you’ve heard these questions before. As you grow older, it becomes a constant topic of discussion. Stepping foot onto your college campus the first day, the most important thing in the world becomes your major and career choice. But when you’re unsure about where you’re headed not only for lunch, but also for your entire career, what do you do?

We investigated five careers in hearing to help make your decision easier. Read on for 5 Careers in Hearing:

SoundEngineerSound Engineer

For music lovers, sound engineers ensure that the music played (quietly) through your headphones sounds the best it can. They correct levels, find the balance between instruments and create the “wholeness” that each song has as it goes into your headphones. Sound engineers take classes to learn how to record and control audio. Many times, sound engineers attend schools that specialize in audio production.audiologistAudiologist

There’s more than just checking your hearing when visiting an Audiologist. These doctors are trained in learning the ins and outs (literally) of ears, especially which tones and sounds their patients can hear and which they can’t. With more than eight years of school behind their degree, as a specially trained “hearing doctor” you will help fit hearing aids, examine ears, and most importantly, check hearing.

Doctor greating patientOtolaryngologist

If a hearing doctor isn’t for you, but ears are still important to you, there’s still a career for you. Otolaryngology, or the more technical term for Ear, Nose & Throat doctor, is a specialty that treats the physical ear. From surgeries to therapies, you’ll be impacting the lives of people everyday. If you’ve ever heard someone say they’re visiting their “ENT,” it could be you!



We admit this one may take a little prior experience. Using your passion as a career, there’s more to being a musician than talent. Musicians are needed every day, from teaching kids instruments to touring with some of the biggest names in music (think Adele, Kanye West, The Killers etc.) Worry about playing in front of people? With new technology, many musicians are able to play over webcam.



If you’ve ever attended a big event like a college graduation, a political rally, or even a musical, this career choice is familiar to you. Often times there’s a sign language interpreter on the side of the stage, helping those who are hard of hearing or deaf. Using your ears to transfer words into signs that help others communicate is rewarding, but also is a public service! As an interpreter, you’ll help people around the world communicate with each other.

If you, like thousands of other students are ready to potentially find your future career, visit a school counselor or click the job titles above to learn more. Your career is waiting for you; you just have to find it.

Did we miss an important career in hearing? Leave us a comment below!

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