Meet the Listen Carefully Video Contest First Place Winners!
30 Mar 2016

Meet the Listen Carefully Video Contest First Place Winners!

30 Mar 2016


More than 5,000 school districts participated in Listen Carefully’s 2016 video contest, and the important message of protecting your ears was spread across the country.

This week, we’re bringing you behind-the-scenes stories that inspired the impressive videos, and helping you get to know the faces behind the camera.

Meet Tye Gray, Chris Hall, and Miranda Pierce from Northwest High School in Germantown, Maryland.

This team took home the grand prize, and is getting ready to welcome country duo Maddie & Tae to their school for a private concert in May!



Miranda was already a fan of Maddie & Tae’s music. “I decided to enter the contest,” she shared, “because I believe it’s important to spread awareness on hearing loss as it is a growing problem in my generation.”

“Whether that sound may be the melody in someone’s voice, the rhythmic pattern of instruments, or the simple strumming of a chord, music would be the sound most devastating to lose,” she said.

Their short film “Give Your Ears a Rest – 4SW” was inspired by trying to get someone’s attention who is listening to loud music. The video was filmed and edited in one day, and their hard work paid off!

“We see this kind of thing in class or walking down the hall, so it made it easy,” Tye explained.

As for the team’s favorite sounds, music is at the top of the list, and you can find them listening to Flo Rida, Maren Morris, and Drake.

We’re grateful to these three amazing students for helping spread awareness about noise-induced hearing loss! Check out their winning video below, and don’t forget to Listen Carefully!

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